Breaking :: It’s Broke.

For those just tuning in, WordPress has implemented a new software change (I simply refuse to call something an upgrade when it isn’t) that really screwed the pooch on image-sizing and manipulation, removing the simple percentage adjustment and ushered in a new era of intricate tinkering that requires breaching many levels of pop-ups, updates, and save changes in a sterling example of over-redundancy. I’ve messed with it a bit and found it sorely lacking. (It’s so full of bugs and changes simply do not take.) I’ve pinged WP to let them know how much the new feature stinks but I doubt they will make any efforts to fix these short-comings or bring the old options back as they seem to be taking the silent approach on the forums, hoping, perhaps, to ride it out until the cries from the masses subsides.

Look, I know it’s a free platform, I totally get that. Tough titties, etc. etc. etc. It’s not really WordPress’s problem, or your problem, but my problem to make this work. Alas, the lack of precision image editing, replaced by a manual sizing free for all, unless you wanna go exploring in those aforementioned pop-ups (no thanks), or settle for their pre-sizes of large, medium or thumbnail, means our sister site, the Poster Archive, is dead in the water. I think I can flail along, here, OK, but, at the moment, too depressed to post anything for awhile because I simply do not want to deal with the new system. So, consider Scenes from the Morgue on hiatus until I’m finally comfortable with new layout tools.

Thanks for listening,
WB Kelso

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