A Terrifying Picture that Assaults the Senses. DO NOT SEE IT ALONE! (July, 1965)

Psycho-Biddies, Hagsploitation, or Grande Dame Guignol — call ’em whatever you like, but after the financial success of the rancorous onscreen/off-screen antics of Crawford and Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane a new Hollywood cottage industry was born, where an aging ingenue is tossed to the wolves in some over-cooked and warped psychological thriller — with plenty of available scenery to sink their teeth into. And as far as they go, this one is actually pretty good with a rock-solid performances by de Havilland as our trapped spinster and Caan, making his big screen debut, as the lead psycho, that all culminates in a truly ghoulish ending (that the ads kinda give away.)

Lady in a Cage (1964) AEC :: Luther Davis Productions :: Paramount Pictures / P: Luther Davis / D: Walter Grauman / W: Luther Davis / C: Lee Garmes / E: Leon Barsha / M: Paul Glass / S: Olivia de Havilland, James Caan, Jeff Corey, Ann Sothern, Jennifer Billingsley

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