It’s All A-Go-Go with Those Hep-Harum Babes! (October, 1965)
















Hail! And Happy Birthday to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

And once more the IMDB seems to have their wires crossed a bit, saying the premiere for Harum Scarum wasn’t until December, 1965, which is false, and made finding these a pain the patootie but, in the end, the hunt was well worth it. Also of note, the ads call Harum Scarum a comical spoof but it was not originally intended to be. As the legend goes, when Colonel Parker saw a rough print he went absolutely apocalyptic and berated producer Sam Katzman, perhaps the only person in the world cheaper than Parker, that they needed to add a talking camel to the picture as the only means of salvaging it. Well, the camel never made it into the picture but it did make it into the adverts.

Other Points of Interest:

Full film review of Harum Scarum at 3B Theater.

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Harum Scarum (1965) Four-Leaf Productions :: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) / P: Sam Katzman / D: Gene Nelson / W: Gerald Drayson Adams / C: Fred Jackman Jr. / E: Ben Lewis / M: Fred Karger / S: Elvis Presley, Mary Ann Mobley, Fran Jeffries, Michael Ansara, Jay Novello, Theodore Marcuse, Billy Barty

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