If You Liked Young Frankenstein… (February, 1976)

… You probably won’t like Old Dracula. Originally shot in 1973 under the title Vampira, the film was shelved for almost two whole years before it was repackaged and released to hopefully cash in on it’s much, much funnier mark. A mod-mash-up of Brooks’ film and William Crain’s criminally underrated Blacula, Clive Donner’s fairly tasteless and desperate attempt to keep the swingin’ 1960s going results in a film that is lost in the wasteland where truly bad films that aren’t quite bad enough to be good go to rot, if you know what I mean. And David Niven should be ashamed of himself for that last sight gag. My advice? Skip it and watch Love at First Bite instead.

Old Dracula (1975) World Film Services :: American International Pictures / P: Jack Wiener / D:  Jack Wiener / W: Jeremy Lloyd / C: Anthony B. Richmond / E: Bill Butler / M: David Whitaker / S: David Niven, Teresa Graves, Peter Bayliss, Jennie Linden, Linda Hayden


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