1001 Forbidden Secrets of the Vicious Virgin Jungle! Where Shame is Unknown! (May, 1948)





Apparently, these South Sea and Far East Goona Goona flicks were a genre all by themselves. Who knew, right? Well, anyways, depending on which translation you believe, Goona Goona either refers to a potent aphrodisiac or some kind of evil spell. Hunh … On second thought, that might be considered the same thing in some circles. But not mine. And these films, about a baker’s dozen of stock and travelogue footage-fueled exploitaters mostly concerned themselves with the same nookie nookie. This mondo double feature of rehashed releases then continues with a trip to Africa, specifically a safari through the Belgian Congo, for a peek at the taboos of the local tribes — in a National Geographic sense, if you know what I mean.

Goona Goona a/k/a Kriss (1932) Andre Roosevelt and Armand Denis Productions :: First Division Pictures / P: Armand Denis, Andre Roosevelt / D: Armand Denis, Andre Roosevelt / W: Andre Roosevelt / C: Al Friedlander / E: Al Friedlander / M: Thomas de Hartmann, Marcel Devaux

Africa Speaks (1930) Walter Futter Productions :: Colorado African Expedition :: Columbia Pictures / P: Paul L. Hoefler, Walter Futter / D: Walter Futter / W: Walter Futter / C: Paul L. Hoefler / E: Walter Futter / S: Harald Austin, Paul L. Hoefler, Lowell Thomas

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