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Loaded with Adult Emotions! You Won’t Believe it Until You See it! (July, 1951)

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Among the young female hellions being used and abused by the corrupt and sadistic reformatory system in our first feature are both Anne Francis and Rita “Rosita” Moreno, both making their screen debuts, whom crusading doctor Paul Henreid tries to reach with a carrot instead of a stick — well, make that a carrot instead of a fire-hose. What Sinister Secret Surrounds Their Fate? You won’t believe it until you see it! As for our second feature, both the title and the ad campaign betray the true nature of this tale of what lengths a newlywed will go to to avenge a husband who was murdered by a carjackers just after they leave the chapel.

So Young, So Bad (1950) Danziger Productions Ltd.:: United Artists / P: Edward J. Danziger, Harry Lee Danziger / D: Bernard Vorhaus, Edgar G. Ulmer / W: Jean Rouverol, Bernard Vorhaus / C: Don Malkames / E: Carl Lerner / M: Robert W. Stringer / S: Paul Henreid, Catherine McLeod, Grace Coppin, Cecil Clovelly, Anne Francis, Rita Moreno

Missing Women (1951) Republic Pictures / P: Stephen Auer / D: Philip Ford / W: John K. Butler / C: John MacBurnie / E: Harold Minter / M: Stanley Wilson / S: Penny Edwards, John Alvin, James Millican, Robert Shayne