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Man Against Man, Man Against Beast! (July, 1956)

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The Proud Ones (1956) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / P: Robert L. Jacks / D: Robert D. Webb / W: Edmund H. North, Joseph Petracca, Verne Athanas (novel) / C: Lucien Ballard / E: Hugh S. Fowler / S: Robert Ryan, Virginia Mayo, Jeffrey Hunter, Walter Brennan, Arthur O’Connell

Manfish (1956) Planet Filmplays :: United Artists / P: W. Lee Wilder / D: W. Lee Wilder / W: Myles Wilder, Joel Murcott, Edgar Allan Poe (story) / C: Scotty Welbourne / E: Gerald Turney-Smith / M: Albert Elms / S: John Bromfield, Lon Chaney Jr., Victor Jory, Barbara Nichols, Tessa Prendergast

Entering the 3rd Dimension :: Hang on to Your Seat or this Film Will Knock You Right Out of it! (December, 1953)

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Inferno (1953) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / P: William Bloom / D: Roy Ward Baker / W: Francis M. Cockrell / C: Lucien Ballard / E: Robert L. Simpson / M: Paul Sawtell / S: Robert Ryan, Rhonda Fleming, William Lundigan, Larry Keating, Henry Hull

The Glory Brigade (1953) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / P: William Bloom / D: Robert D. Webb / W: Franklin Coen / C: Lucien Ballard / E: Mario Morra / M: Lionel Newman / S: Victor Mature, Alexander Scourby, Lee Marvin, Richard Egan, Nick Dennis

Da’King Lives! :: Mr. Rock ‘N’ Roll in the Story He was Born to Play! (November, 1956)

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Turns out the rumors of Vance Reno’s demise have been greatly exaggerated, and, upon returning home after the Civil War ends he finds his girl, thinking him dead, has married his younger brother. And to top that off, his old Confederate comrades aren’t real keen on the idea of returning some Yankee gold they liberated, which once more pits brother against brother in a conflict that can only end in tragedy … Originally intended to be a strict dramatic role, but, once Elvis Presley’s latest single, “Love Me Tender”, went through the roof, his debut film, originally slated as The Reno Brothers, went through both a name change and some massive script doctoring to beef up his part and shoehorn in a couple of anachronistic musical numbers to give the public what they wanted and to cash in on a soundtrack.


Video courtesy of Achim190454.

And — spoilers ahoy! — after his mama came unglued after his climactic death scene, Presley demanded that his character must never die again in any future film.
This post was part of Da’King Lives, which originated back in January of 2010, to help celebrate the King of Rock-n-Roll’s 75th birthday and throw a spotlight on his fine, fractured forays into feature film.


Love Me Tender (1956) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / P: David Weisbart  / D: Robert D. Webb / W: Robert Buckner, Maurice Geraghty / C: Leo Tover / E: Hugh S. Fowler / M: Lionel Newman / S: Richard Egan, Debra Paget, Elvis Presley, William Campbell, Neville Brand, Mildred Dunnock