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Thrill Show of the Year! It Will Scare the Pants Off You! (May, 1954)

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Invasion, U.S.A. (1952) American Pictures :: Columbia Pictures / EP: Joseph Justman / P: Albert Zugsmith, Robert Smith / AP: Peter Miller / D: Alfred E. Green / W: Robert Smith / C: John L. Russell / E: W. Donn Hayes / M: Albert Glasser / S: Gerald Mohr, Peggie Castle, Robert Bice, Tom Kennedy, Wade Crosby, Erik Blythe, Dan O’Herlihy

The Hoodlum (1951) Jack Schwarz Productions :: United Artists / EP: Jack Schwarz / P: Maurice Kosloff / AP: Sam Neuman, Nat Tanchuck / D: Max Nosseck / W: Sam Neuman, Nat Tanchuck / C: Clark Ramsey / E: Jack Killifer / M: Darrell Calker / S: Lawrence Tierney, Allene Roberts, Marjorie Riordan, Lisa Golm, Stuart Randall, Angela Stevens

Entering the 3rd Dimension :: A White Hot Movie that Throws Every Savage Thrill in the Book Right at You! (November, 1953)

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Best effort to extract above ad from the gutter:




After an old war-time buddy meets a violent end, a brutish, tough as nails detective is soon neck-deep in a violent vendetta to repay an old debt to said friend, who saved his life during the war, by tracking down his killer and making them pay! Okay, when I think on the adapted adventures of that hard-boiled dick Mike Hammer, probably the last person I think of is Biff Elliot. But, he was the first to portray Mickey Spillane’s iconic private-eye in a movie that, alas, has never been released to home video in any format. I know I’m curious to see it, as it’s one of the few onscreen appearances of Margaret Sheridan as Hammer’s trusted secretary, Velda; and another B-Movie fave in Peggie Castle, who portrays the conniving psycho-analyst, Charlotte Manning. And, for the record, as much as I love Ralph Meeker in Kiss Me Deadly, my all time favorite version of Mike Hammer was Darren McGavin’s take in the old Mike Hammer TV show, something else that desperately needs a release for home-viewing as soon as possible.

I the Jury (1953) Parklane Pictures Inc. :: United Artists / P: Victor Saville / D: Harry Essex / W: Harry Essex, Mickey Spillane (novel) / C: John Alton / E: Fredrick Y. Smith / M: Franz Waxman / S: Biff Elliot, Preston Foster, Peggie Castle, Alan Reed, Margaret Sheridan

Rock and Roll Hoodlums! Juvenile Punishment Farm Exposed! (July, 1957)

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Untamed Youth (1957) Devonshire Productions :: Warner Bros.  / P: Aubrey Schenck / D: Howard W. Koch / W: John C. Higgins, Stephen Longstreet / C: Carl E. Guthrie / E: John F. Schreyer / M: Les Baxter / S: Mamie Van Doren, Lori Nelson, John Russell, Yvonne Lime, Don Burnett

The Counterfeit Plan (1957) Merton Park Studios :: Warner Bros. / EP: Richard Gordon / P: Alec C. Snowden / AP: Charles F. Vetter / D: Montgomery Tully / W: James Eastwood / C: Philip Grindrod / E: Geoffrey Muller / M: Richard Taylor / S: Zachary Scott, Peggie Castle, Mervyn Johns, Sydney Tafler, Lee Patterson

Prepare to Have Your Socks Shocked Off! (August, 1957)

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Beginning of the End (1957) AB-PT Pictures Corp. :: Republic Pictures / P: Bert I. Gordon/ D: Bert I. Gordon / W: Fred Freiberger, Lester Gorn / C: Jack A. Marta / E: Aaron Stell / M: Albert Glasser / S: Peter Graves, Peggie Castle, Morris Ankrum, Than Wyenn, Thomas Browne Henry, James Seay

The Unearthly (1957) AB-PT Pictures Corp. :: Republic Pictures / P: Brooke L. Peters / AP: Robert A. Terry / D: Brooke L. Peters / W: Geoffrey Dennis, Jane Mann / C: W. Merle Connell / E: Richard C. Currier / M: Henry Vars / S: John Carradine, Myron Healey, Allison Hayes, Tor Johnson, Sally Todd