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Stalk ‘n’ SlashCinema :: If You Don’t Wake Up Screaming You Won’t Wake Up at All! (March, 1985)

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“It was a series of articles in the LA Times; three small articles about men from South East Asia, who were from immigrant families and had died in the middle of nightmares — and the paper never correlated them, never said, ‘Hey, we’ve had another story like this.'”

                                                                  — Wes Craven

Those newspaper articles in question were about Cambodian refugees, who had fled from Pol Pot’s bloody and devastating Khmer Rouge, which makes for an oddly fitting double-feature in these ads with A Nightmare on Elm Street being paired with Roland Joffé’s The Killing Fields. According to the stories, several men refused to sleep, citing overwhelming nightmares — and when they finally did, they apparently died in their sleep; the victims of acute heart failure. That’s right: they were literally scared to death by their dreams. Dubbed Asian Death Syndrome, this sudden, unexplained, and lethal phenomena were also attributed to a combination of Post-Traumatic Stress and a genetic disorder known as Brugada Syndrome, the leading cause of SUDS, kinda the adult version of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Combine that notion with a haunting pop song by Gary Wright and an old high school bully named Fred Krueger, and, well, here ya go.


A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Smart Egg Pictures :: Media Home Entertainment :: New Line Cinema / EP: Stanley Dudelson, Joseph Wolf / P: Robert Shaye, Sara Risher / AP: John H. Burrows / D: Wes Craven / W: Wes Craven / C: Jacques Haitkin / E: Pat McMahon, Rick Shaine / M: Charles Bernstein / S: Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, Amanda Wyss, Robert Englund

Stalk ‘n’ SlashCinema :: They’re Out for Blood! Don’t Let Them Find You! (May, 1984)

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Our first feature features a trio of all-star psychos who escape from the nuthouse to terrorize their psychiatrist and his family in their secluded house, followed by some excellent Spam in a Cabin hi-jinx  courtesy of Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and the Bruce, which FINALLY found its way to the Island.
Alone in the Dark (1982) Masada Productions :: New Line Cinema / EP: Benni Korzen / P: Robert Shaye / AP: Sara Risher / D: Jack Sholder / W: Jack Sholder, Robert Shaye, Michael Harrpster / C: Joseph Mangine / E: Arline Garson / M: Renato Serio / S: Jack Palance, Donald Pleasence, Martin Landau, Dwight Schultz, Deborah Hedwall

Stalk ‘n’ SlashCinema :: Cashing in with the Most Horrifying Motion Picture You’ll Ever See! (May, 1981)

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Robert Shayne was only 27 when he formed New Line Cinema back in 1967. At its conception, New Line was strictly into distribution; mostly providing a pipeline for foreign and art house fare for college revivals, scoring its biggest hit when Shayne repacked Dwain Esper’s Reefer Madness, which had been recently unearthed by Keith “Legalize it Now” Stroup in 1971, whose draconian and overblown stance on the wacky-weed went over big with the under 30 crowd. New Line also provided a wider market for the likes of John Waters and other regional independent entrepreneurs; and when Friday the 13th hit big in 1980 New Line managed to secure the rights for Tobe Hooper’s magnum-opus and introduced it to a whole new generation. By this time, New Line was also dabbling in producing their own product and would eventually take the profits from this re-release and funnel them into their own fright flicks like Alone in the Dark and Xtro; not to mention their most famous slasher, who, while not much of a mystery to I.D., I’ll keep on the Q.T. until I post the ads for it in a couple of days.
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Vortex :: New Line Cinema / P: Jay Parsley, Tobe Hooper / D: Tobe Hooper / W: Kim Henkel, Tobe Hooper / C: Daniel Pearl / E: Larry Carroll, Sallye Richardson / M: Wayne Bell, Tobe Hooper / S: Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal, Allen Danziger, Teri McMinn, Edwin Neal, Jim Siedow, Gunnar Hansen