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Never Before Such Fury and Spectacle! (April, 1961)

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After churning out a quartet of successful teenage-angst-fueled monster bops for American International, producer Herman Cohen pulled up stakes and moved to England to work for Anglo-Amalgamated. And after the financial success of Horrors of the Black Museum, Cohen was given free rein for a follow up and returned to his roots, meaning a gorilla would definitely be involved — this one, his biggest yet. As for our second feature, we have Edward G. Ulmer’s tell don’t show because we can’t afford anything take on the future, where an out of time test-pilot is the last fertile man on Earth and is charged with repopulating the planet. Could be worse gigs, I guess.

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Konga (1961) Merton Park Studios :: Anglo-Amalgamated :: American International Pictures / EP: Herman Cohen, Nat Cohen, Stuart Levy / P: Nathan Cohen / AP: Jim O’Connolly / D: John Lemont / W: Herman Cohen, Aben Kandel / C: Desmond Dickinson / E: Jack Slade / M: Gerard Schurmann / S: Michael Gough, Margo Johns, Jess Conrad, Claire Gordon, George Pastell

Beyond the Time Barrier (1961) Miller Consolidated Pictures :: American International Pictures / EP: Robert L. Madden, John Miller / P: Robert Clarke / D: Edgar G. Ulmer / W: Arthur C. Pierce / C: Meredith M. Nicholson /E: Jack Ruggiero / M: Darrell Calker / S: Robert Clarke, Darlene Tompkins, Vladimir Sokoloff, Stephen Bekassy, Arianne Ulmer