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Drive-In Mash-Up :: Super-Charged Girls! Always Ready for Action! Plus an Orgy of the Damned! (May, 1974)

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Da’King Lives! :: Erskine Johnson’s Hollywood :: Rebel with a Cause (November, 1956)

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This post was part of Da’King Lives, which originated back in January of 2010, to help celebrate the King of Rock-n-Roll’s 75th birthday and throw a spotlight on his fine, fractured forays into feature film.



For the Love of Hitchcock :: The Most Intense Suspense, Excitement, Emotion Ever Generated by a Motion Picture (July, 1958)

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“He did nothing. The law has little to say on things left undone.”






This post is part of the For the Love of Film Blogathon, a new age telethon to raise funds for The National Film Preservation Foundation to help bring The White Shadow (a/k/a White Shadows), an early silent film that a certain master of suspense did just about everything for except direct — assistant director, screenwriter, film editor, production designer, art director, and set decorator, to the streaming masses and help defray the costs of adding a new musical soundtrack.

There’s no donation too small, folks. So please, click on the link above, wherever you see it this week and give what you can. Thanks. For more information, check out the group’s Facebook page. Big thanks, as always, to Ferdy on Film, The Self-Styled Siren and This Island Rod for throwing such a wide net for contributors. Until tomorrow, then, I bid you all a good ev-ah-ning.

 I’m participating. Are you?

Vertigo (1958) Alfred J. Hitchcock Productions :: Paramount Pictures / P: Alfred Hitchcock / AP: Herbert Coleman / D: Alfred Hitchcock / W: Alec Coppel, Samuel A. Taylor, Pierre Boileau (novel), Thomas Narcejac (novel) / C: Robert Burks / E: George Tomasini / M: Bernard Herrmann / S: James Stewart, Kim Novak, Barbara Bel Geddes, Tom Helmore, Henry Jones, Lee Patrick