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For the Love of Science-Fiction :: An Epic Drama of Adventure and Exploration! (March, 1969)

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Full review of 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Brewery.


This, alas, will be my last post for the For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon hosted by Ferdy on Films, This Island Rod, and Wonders in the Dark. This year’s theme was science-fiction, and we’ll be leaning hard toward the “mad science” portion of the genre, here’s another exception. Hope you enjoy, and please click on the link above and donate to help restore the silent film, Cupid in Quarantine. The goal is to raise $10,000. Give what you can, won’t you? Thank you!


2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Stanley Kubrick Productions :: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) / P: Stanley Kubrick / AP: Victor Lyndon / D: Stanley Kubrick / W: Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke (novel) / C: Geoffrey Unsworth / E: Ray Lovejoy / M: Patrick Moore / S: Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester, Leonard Rossiter, Margaret Tyzack

A Daring and Provacatice Drama! (August, 1968)

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Perhaps a little too deliberate in the metaphor department, Mark Rydell’s tale of a wily intruder disrupting the tranquility of the hen-house both literally and figuratively is absolutely mesmerizing to watch, with some amazing cinematography courtesy of William Fraker, until it kinda unravels in the third act. Regardless, I absolutely love the design on a couple of these ads. The optical illusion of the hill, melding into the hair of one of our ladies at first glance is an actual fox on the second and I can’t believe they got away with the subliminal vaginal fox tail in the other. Wow.

The Fox (1967) Motion Pictures International :: Claridge Pictures / EP: Steve Broidy / P: Raymond Stross / AP: Howard Koch / D: Mark Rydell / W: Lewis John Carlino, Howard Koch, D.H. Lawrence (novel) / C: William Fraker / E: Thomas Stanford / M: Lalo Schifrin / S: Sandy Dennis, Anne Heywood, Keir Dullea, Glynne Morris