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All the Excitement the Screen Can Hold! Something Had to Explode! (September, 1959)

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From the guys who brought you IT! The Terror from Beyond Space and Curse of the Faceless Man! What? Wait! Come back! Whatareyatalkinabout!? Those were awesome, you heathens! Okay, okay … Faceless Man kinda stunk. A lot. Anyways, here, producer Robert Kent and director Eddie L. Cahn chuck the monsters for a Mamie Van Doren fueled crime pic and a kooky co-ed jailbreak classic.

Riot in a Juvenile Prison (1959) Robert E. Kent Productions :: United Artists / P: Robert E. Kent / D: Edward L. Cahn / W: Orville H. Hampton / C: Maury Gertsman / E: Edward Mann / M: Emil Newman / S: Jerome Thor, Marcia Henderson, Dorothy Provine, Scott Marlowe, Ann Doran

Guns, Girls and Gangsters (1959) Imperial Pictures :: United Artsts / P: Robert E. Kent / D: Edward L. Cahn / W: Jerry Sackheim, Paul Gangelin, Robert E. Kent / C: Kenneth Peach / E: Fred Feitshans / M: Buddy Bregman / S: Mamie Van Doren, Gerald Mohr, Lee Van Cleef, Paul Fix, Elaine Edwards