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Bayou Bigfoot, a Trail of Terror and Destruction in His Wake! (August, 1976)

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From the guys that brought you Night of the Strangler, Night of Bloody Horror and The Mountaintop Motel Massacre comes another mid-1970s search for Bigfoot cash in after Charles B. Pierce’s The Legend of Boggy Creek raked it in at the box-office — this time a little further south in the swamps of Louisiana. And thanks to the efforts of hicksploitation stalwarts Dub Taylor and Jack Elam, and another spectacular job by Dean Cundey behind the camera (– that’s kinda butchered in the wrong-ratio DVD release), this research rehash manages just enough spooks and backwater bayou buffoonery to rate a hearty recommendation.

Creature from Black Lake (1976) Jim McCullough Productions :: Howco International Pictures EP: William Lewis Ryder Jr. / P: Jim McCullough, Jim McCullough Jr. / D: Joy N. Houck Jr. / W: Jim McCullough Jr. / C: Dean Cundey / E: Robert Gordon / M: Jaime Mendoza-Nava / S: Jack Elam, Dub Taylor, John David Carson, Dennis Fimple, Becky Smiser

Random Drive-In Mash-Up :: A Southern Fried Swamp Romp Double-Bill! (May, 1974)

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The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) P & L :: Howco International Pictures / EP: L.W. Ledwell / P: Charles B. Pierce / AP: Earl E. Smith / D: Charles B. Pierce / W: Earl E. Smith / C: Charles B. Pierce / E: Tom Boutross / M: Jaime Mendoza-Nava / S: Vern Stierman, Chuck Pierce Jr., William Stumpp, Willie E. Smith, John P. Hixon, Louise Searcy

Swamp Girl (1971) Donald A. Davis Productions / P: Don Davis, Jay Kulp, Jack Vaughn / D: Don Davis / W: Jay Kulp / C: Jay Kulp / E: Ron Johnson / M: Gene Kauer, Doug Lackey / S: Simone Griffeth, Ferlin Husky, Joyce Lee, Donna Stanley, Steve Drexel, Claude King