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For the Love of Ida Lupino :: A Tough Dame with a Soft Heart Meets a Dreamer with a Gun! (March, 1941)

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Please note the billing. Yay, Ida!

This post was one of my meager contributions to The Ida Lupino Blogathon (2011) hosted by The Miss Ida Lupino fan page, a well-worth-your-while shrine to one of my favorite actresses that is sadly no longer with us. Still, my Ida love knows no bounds, and I hope you will enjoy this humble retrospective. Thanks!

High Sierra (1941) Warner Bros. Pictures / EP: Hal B. Wallis / P: Mark Hellinger / D: Raoul Walsh / W: John Huston, W.R. Burnett (novel) / C: Tony Gaudio / E: Jack Killifer / M: Adolph Deutsch / S: Ida Lupino, Humphrey Bogart, Alan Curtis, Arthur Kennedy, Joan Leslie, Henry Hull, Henry Travers, Willie Best