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Entering the 3rd Dimension :: The First Epic of America! So Real You Can Reach Out and Feel it! (August, 1953)

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A few years before he started wiring up seats and floated skeletons over audiences, Fort Ti marked director William Castle’s first foray into gimmick film-making and doesn’t cheat the audience, exploiting the stereoscopic process for all it was worth. Though technically a western, I suppose, Castle’s little adventure into the Third Dimension actually takes place during the French and Indian War, where Roger’s Rangers come to the aid of the British outpost at Fort Ticonderoga, currently on the verge of being overrun by said French and Indians. Produced by the notoriously cheap Sam Katzman, I’m surprised folks were given glasses with two lenses instead of one to cut down on costs.

Fort Ti (1953) Esskay Pictures Corporation :: Columbia Pictures / P: Sam Katzman / D: William Castle / W: Robert E. Kent / C: Lester White, Lothrop B. Worth / E: William A. Lyon / M: Ross DiMaggio / S: George Montgomery, Joan Vohs, Irving Bacon, James Seay, Phyllis Fowler

Pardon My Backfire (1953) Columbia Pictures / P: Jules White / D: Jules White / W: Felix Adler / C: Henry Freulich / E: Edwin H. Bryant / S: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Shemp Howard, Benny Rubin, Frank Sully