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The Boris Karloff Blogathon :: Back from the Dead to Revenge His Legalized Murder! (April, 1936)

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These ads were originally posted as part of the Boris Karloff Blogathon (2010), a fantastic multi-blogular effort showcasing the career of one of my favorite actors, originating at the indispensable Frankensteinia. The Blogathon has long since passed, but please feel free to click on over and check out the other entries. And for more Boris Karloff action, here’s a hot-link for all his ads posted with a lot more yet to come.



The Walking Dead (1936) Warner Bros. Pictures / P: Louis F. Edelman / D: Michael Curtiz / W: Ewart Adamson, Robert Andrews, Lillie Hayward, Peter Milne / C: Hal Mohr / E: Thomas Pratt / M: Bernhard Kaun / S: Boris Karloff, Ricardo Cortez, Edmund Gwenn, Marguerite Churchill, Barton MacLane

This Was the Endless Terror of the Nameless Horror-Horde Unknown to Man or Beast Before! (June, 1954)

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THEM (1954) Warner Bros. / P: David Weisbart / D: Gordon Douglas / W: Ted Sherdeman, Russell S. Hughes, George Worthing Yates (story) / C: Sid Hickox / E: Thomas Reilly / M: Bronislau Kaper / S: James Arness, James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, Onslow Stevens, Sean McClory, Sandy Descher