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Da’King Lives! :: Excitement and Adventure Under the Sea! (June, 1967)

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Here it is, folks. The absolute zenith, the pinnacle for all perpetuity, the most absurdest buffoonery ever befallen, the most absolute gob-smacking brain-bending smack-down to ever occur in the annals of cinema: a dueling duet between Elvis Presley and Elsa Lanchester. That’s right: it’s the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll vs. the Bride of Frankenstein in a little number I like to call…

Video courtesy of Brittany Reilander


That. Is. AWESOME!

This post was part of Da’King Lives, which originated back in January of 2010, to help celebrate the King of Rock-n-Roll’s 75th birthday and throw a spotlight on his fine, fractured forays into feature film.

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Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) Hal B. Wallis Productions :: Paramount Pictures / EP: Joseph H. Hazen / P: Hal B. Wallis / AP: Paul Nathan / D: John Rich / W: Allan Weiss, Anthony Lawrence / C: William Margulies / E: Archie Marshek / M: Joseph J. Lilley / S: Elvis Presley, Dodie Marshall, Pat Priest, Pat Harrington, Skip Ward, Elsa Lanchester