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The William Castle Blogathon :: Hell Up in Hollywood (July, 1975)

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John Schlesinger’s The Day of the Locust is one ambitious, apocalyptic mind-f*ck of a movie that I both love and fear equally. Now, William Castle did not direct or produce this scathing look at old school Hollywood, but he has a magnificent, glorified cameo as the Cecil B. Demillian director of the ill-fated War and Peace knock-off, whose sound-stage collapsed out from under him. He also had a wonderful cameo in Shampoo. Both films are highly recommended, folks.




This post is part of Goregirl’s Dungeon and The Last Drive-In’s The William Castle Blogathan, a week long tribute to the King of Schlock. Follow the linkage, Boils & Ghouls. It’s gonna be a great week. And stick around, as we’ll be showcasing Castle’s film career from its fairly normal beginnings through it psychotronic glory days. Stay tuned!

The Day of the Locust (1975) Long Road :: Paramount Pictures / P: Jerome Hellman / AP: Sheldon Schrager / D: John Schlesinger / W: Waldo Salt, Nathanael West (novel) / C: Conrad Hall / E: Jim Clark / M: John Barry / S: William Atherton, Karen Black, Donald Sutherland, Burgess Meredith, Billy Barty, Richard Dysart, Bo Hopkins, Pepe Serna