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For the Love of Film Noir :: Loving Him Plunged Their Lives into the Darkness that Surrounded Him! (December, 1947)

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This post is part of my rehash and continuation of the For the Love of Film Noir Blogathon originally held back in February of 2011. Thus and so, we will be heading down the rain-soaked streets and neon-drenched back alleys of Noirville again for the entire month of March. And along with all the old material migrating over from the old site, we’ll also be scattering around a lot of new stuff as well. Also of note, we’ll be posting them in chronological order to show how the genre evolved and progressed from the 1940′s through the late ’50s. And as an added bonus, I’ll be posting some vintage adverts to stuff I’ve always associated with the genre — cigarettes, booze and fashionable ladies.

Nightmare Alley (1947) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / EP: Darryl F. Zanuck / P: George Jessel / D: Edmund Goulding / W: Jules Furthman, William Lindsay Gresham (novel) / C: Lee Garmes / E: Barbara McLean / M: Cyril J. Mockridge / S: Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell, Coleen Gray, Helen Walker, Mike Mazurki, Tyrone Power’s gum

The Invisible Wall (1947) Sol M. Wurtzel Productions :: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / P: Sol M. Wurtzel / AP: Howard Sheehan / D: Eugene Forde / W: Arnold Belgard, Howard J. Green, Paul Frank / C: Benjamin H. Kline / E: Frank Baldridge / M: R. Dale Butts / S: Don Castle, Virginia Christine, Richard Gaines, Arthur Space, Jeff Chandler

And in the Center Ring — Mickey Spillane!?! (September, 1954)

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Ring of Fear (1954) Wayne-Fellows Productions :: Warner Bros. / P: Robert Fellows, John Wayne / AP: D. Ross Lederman / D: James Edward Grant / W: Paul Fix, Philip MacDonald, James Edward Grant / C: Edwin B. DuPar / E: Fred MacDowell / M: Arthur Lange, Emil Newman / S: Clyde Beatty, Mickey Spillane, Pat O’Brien, Sean McClory, Marian Carr, John Bromfield, Kathy Cline, Kenneth Tobey

And in the Center Ring, Spectacular Feats of Life and Death — But Mostly Death! (September, 1960)

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Circus of Horrors (1960) Lynx Films Ltd. :: American International Pictures / EP: James H. Nicholson, Samuel Z. Arkoff / P: Leslie Parkyn, Julian Wintle / AP: Norman Priggen / D: Sidney Hayers / W: George Baxt / C: Douglas Slocombe / E: Reginald Mills / M: Muir Mathieson, Franz Reizenstein / S: Anton Diffring, Erika Remberg, Yvonne Monlaur, Donald Pleasance, Jane Hylton

Jet Over the Atlantic (1959) Benedict Bogeaus Production :: Inter-Continent Film / P: Benedict Bogeaus / D: Byron Haskin / W: Irving H. Cooper / C: Jorge Stahl Jr. / E: James Leicester, Thomas Pratt / M: Louis Forbes / S: Guy Madison, Virginia Mayo, Ilona Massey, George Raft, George Macready

Da’King Lives! :: Hey, Rube! (December, 1964)

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When his latest gig goes up in smoke after losing his temper and brawling with several unruly audience members, our boy hits the open road in search of work. Luckily, he runs into a job at the local carnival — well, more like the job ran into him, when an overprotective father runs Charlie off the road for making the goo-goo on his daughter. Anyways, as Charlie tries his best to live up to the Carnie Code and win the girl, he soon becomes this one-lung operation’s last hope of turning things around as his romantic serenading starts drawing record crowds.

Video courtesy of MFFforever.

It was while filming Roustabout that the shit kind of hit the fan between producer Hal Wallis and the Presley camp for comments made about financing more high-brow fare like Becket with the prophets from these low-ballin’ Presley pictures. Roustabout was the third movie Wallis managed to coax out of Presley in 1964, making it the bottom piece of sandwich that also included Kissin’ Cousins and Viva Las Vegas. And, for the record, the big Hollywood Mystery Feature was Jerry Lewis’ The Disorderly Orderly.
This post was part of Da’King Lives, which originated back in January of 2010, to help celebrate the King of Rock-n-Roll’s 75th birthday and throw a spotlight on his fine, fractured forays into feature film.

Other Points of Interest:

Full film review of Roustabout at the Brewery.

Roustabout (1964) Hal Wallis Productions :: Paramount Pictures / EP: Joseph H. Hazen / P: Hal Wallis / AP: Paul Nathan / D: John Rich / W: Anthony Lawrence, Allan Weiss / C: Lucien Ballard / E: Warren Low / M: Joseph J. Lilley / S: Elvis Presley, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Freeman, Leif Erickson, Pat Butrum, Norman Grabowski