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Spend New Year’s Day with the World’s Weirdest Movie! Monsters Come Out of the Screen … Invade the Audience! Carry Girl Victims Back into the Screen! (December, 1965)

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I fear I got a little too excited when I found these ads last night, accounting for the metric ton of blur and out-of-focus crappiness. Fear not, I have every intention of re-shooting them tonight at work and will replace the majority of the art in this date specific but myopic mess of a post.

Updated: 1/7/2013. Amazing what kinda quality you can get when there isn’t a bunch of smutch coating the lens…

Monsters Crash the Pajama Party (1965) David L. Hewitt and Associates / P: David L. Hewitt / AP: Ray Park / D: David L. Hewitt / W: David L. Hewitt, Jean Hewitt / C: Austin McKinney / E: Bernie Chomper / S: Vic McGee, Peter James Noto, James Reason, Clara Nadel, Pauline Hillkurt, Charles Hegen