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The William Castle Blogathon :: Savage! Sinful! A Panorama of Passions and Violence! (June, 1954)

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And here we have Cecil B. Demille on a Sam Katzman budget. E’yup, Slaves of Babylon is William Castle’s one and only biblical epic (– unless you count Rosemary’s Baby, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves just a bit), with his take on the tale of Daniel in the lion’s den mixed in with a plot to overthrow king Nebuchadnezzar as told in the book of No Not Really: Chapter 2: Verses 1-5.
This post is part of Goregirl’s Dungeon and The Last Drive-In’s The William Castle Blogathan, a week long tribute to the King of Schlock. Follow the linkage, Boils & Ghouls. It’s gonna be a great week. And stick around, as we’ll be showcasing Castle’s film career from its fairly normal beginnings through it psychotronic glory days. Stay tuned!

Slaves of Babylon (1953) Columbia Pictures / P: Sam Katzman / D: William Castle / W: DeVallon Scott / C: Henry Freulich / E: William A. Lyon / M: Henry Vars / S: Richard Conte, Linda Christian, Maurice Schwartz, Michael Ansara, Terry Kilburn

Paris Model (1953) American Pictures Company :: Columbia Pictures / P: Albert Zugsmith / D: Alfred E. Green / W: Robert Smith / C: William Bradford / E: W. Donn Hayes / M: Albert Glasser / S: Marilyn Maxwell, Paulette Goddard, Eva Gabor, Barbara Lawrence, Cecil Kellaway