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Stalk ā€˜nā€™ SlashCinema :: They Thought They Were Alone. (May, 1983)

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Joe Giannone’s tale of Madman Marz is an odd movie filled with odd characters played by odd actors plugged into an odd plot with an odd killer doing odd things. Not that THAT’S a bad thing, I just found it to be really, well, really odd. Not terrible. Just odd. Yeah. Odd.

Madman (1982) The Legend Lives Company :: Jensen Farley Pictures / EP: Sam Marion / P: Gary Sales / D: Joe Giannone / W: Joe Giannone, Gary Sales / C: James Lemmo / E: Daniel Loewenthal / M: Stephen Horelick / S: Gaylen Ross, Tony Fish, Harriet Bass, Seth Jones, Jan Claire, Paul Ehlers