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The William Castle Blogathon :: A Story that’s Slightly Different… (October, 1946)

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As a character, Rusty the dog had a total of eight movie adventures. Here, in the first sequel, Castle gives us a thinly veiled retread of Gus Edson and Irwin Hasen’s Dondi — a popular syndicated comic strip (who has its own tale of cinematic infamy), where our canine hero helps another war orphan, who stowaway-ed his way to the States, in an attempt to find the G.I. who befriended him back in Czechoslovakia. Other directors who handled Rusty’s leash include John Sturges (The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape) and Lew Landers (The Raven, Return of the Vampire).


This post is part of Goregirl’s Dungeon and The Last Drive-In’s The William Castle Blogathan, a week long tribute to the King of Schlock. Follow the linkage, Boils & Ghouls. It’s gonna be a great week. And stick around, as we’ll be showcasing Castle’s film career from its fairly normal beginnings through it psychotronic glory days. Stay tuned!

The Return of Rusty (1946) Columbia Pictures / P: Leonard S. Picker / D: William Castle / W: Lewis Helmer Herman, William Sackheim / C: Philip Tannura / E: James Sweeney / M: George Duning / S: Ted Donaldson, John Litel, Mark Dennis, Barbara Woodell, Dwayne Hickman

The Last Crooked Mile (1946) Republic Pictures / P: Rudolph E. Abel / D: Philip Ford / W: Jerome Gruskin, Robert L. Richards, Jerry Sackheim / C: Alfred S. Keller / E: William P. Thompson / M: Joseph Dubin / S: Don Barry, Ann Savage, Adele Mara, Sheldon Leonard, Nestor Paiva

For the Love of Film Noir :: A Startling Case of Love-Madness! (November, 1947)

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FTLOF - Film Noir 01Reduced Size with Titles

This post is part of my rehash and continuation of the For the Love of Film Noir Blogathon originally held back in February of 2011. Thus and so, we will be heading down the rain-soaked streets and neon-drenched back alleys of Noirville again for the entire month of March. And along with all the old material migrating over from the old site, we’ll also be scattering around a lot of new stuff as well. Also of note, we’ll be posting them in chronological order to show how the genre evolved and progressed from the 1940′s through the late ’50s. And as an added bonus, I’ll be posting some vintage adverts to stuff I’ve always associated with the genre — cigarettes, booze and fashionable ladies.

Possessed (1947) A First National Picture :: Warner Bros. / EP: Jack L. Warner / P: Jerry Wald / D: Curtis Bernhardt / W: Silvia Richards, Ranald MacDougall, Rita Weiman (story) / C: Joseph A. Valentine / E: Rudi Fehr / M: Franz Waxman / S: Joan Crawford, Van Heflin, Raymond Massey, Geraldine Brooks, Stanley Ridges, Peter Miles

Blackmail (1947) Republic Pictures / P: William J. O’Sullivan / D: Lesley Selander / W: Royal K. Cole, Robert Leslie Bellem, Albert DeMond / C: Reggie Lanning / E: Tony Martinelli / M: Mort Glickman / S: William Marshall, Adele Mara, Ricardo Cortez, Grant Withers, Stephanie Bachelor