Happy Hallowe’en :: The Most Terrifying Screen Experience of Your Life! (October, 1970)


Burn, Witch, Burn (1962) Independent Artists :: American International Pictures / EP: Leslie Parkyn, Julian Wintle / P: Samuel Z. Arkoff, Albert Fennell / D: Sidney Hayers / W: Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson, Fritz Leiber Jr. (novel) / C: Reginald H. Wyer / E: Ralph Sheldon / M: William Alwyn / S: Peter Wyngarde, Janet Blair, Margaret Johnston, Anthony Nicholls, Colin Gordon

Pyro… The Thing Without a Face (1964) Sidney W. Pink Productions :: American International Pictures / P: Richard C. Meyer, Sidney W. Pink / D: Julio Coll / W: Sidney W. Pink, Luis de los Arcos / C: Manuel Berenguer / E: Margarita de Ochoa / M: José Solá / S: Barry Sullivan, Martha Hyer, Sherry Moreland, Luis Prendes, Fernando Hilbeck

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