The Thundering Clash of Trooper and Savage! (July, 1953)




Fort Vengeance (1953) Walter Wanger Productions :: Allied Artists Pictures / P: Walter Wanger / AP: William A. Calihan Jr. / D: Lesley Selander / W: Daniel B. Ullman / C: Harry Neumann / E: Walter Hannemann / M: Paul Dunlap / S: James Craig, Rita Moreno, Keith Larsen, Morris Ankrum, Charles Irwin

We’re Not Married (1952) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / P: Nunnally Johnson / D: Edmund Goulding / W: Nunnally Johnson, Dwight Taylor, Gina Kaus, Jay Dratler / C: Leo Tover / E: Louis R. Loeffler / M: Cyril J. Mockridge / S: Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe, Victor Moore, Fred Allen, Eve Arden

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