Adventure Races to a Climax! (May, 1957)




Nightfall (1956) Copa Productions :: Columbia Pictures / P: Ted Richmond / D: Jacques Tourneur / W: Stirling Silliphant, David Goodis (novel) / C: Burnett Guffey / E: William A. Lyon / M: George Duning / S: Aldo Ray, Anne Bancroft, Brian Keith, Jocelyn Brando, James Gregory

Wicked as They Come (1956) Frankovich Productions :: Columbia Pictures / P: Maxwell Setton / D: Ken Hughes / W: Ken Hughes, Robert Westerby, Sigmund Miller, Bill S. Ballinger (novel) / C: Basil Emmott / E: Max Benedict / M: Malcolm Arnold / S: Arlene Dahl, Philip Carey, Herbert Marshall, Michael Goodliffe, Sidney James

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