Once in 50 Years Suspense Like This! (May, 1958)

Witness for the Prosecution (1957) Edward Small Productions :: United Artists / EP: Edward Small / P: Arthur Hornblow Jr. / D: Billy Wilder / W: Lawrence B. Marcus, Billy Wilder, Harry Kurnitz, Agatha Christie (novel) / C: Russell Harlan / E: Daniel Mandell / M: Matty Malneck / S: Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietrich, Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester, Una O’Connor

Valerie (1957) Hal R. Makelim Productions :: United Artists / P: Hal R. Makelim / D: Gerd Oswald / W: Laurence Heath, Emmett Murphy / C: Ernest Laszlo / E: David Bretherton / M: Albert Glasser / S: Sterling Hayden, Anita Ekberg, Anthony Steel, Peter Walker, John Wengraf

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