1001 Screams! It’ll Scare You Stiff! (October, 1951)

100_2704 - Copy

Apologies to one and all for the near extinction-level-lack of content at The Morgue lately. But between the annual September Sabbatical and the massive Hubrisween Review Marathon at the Brewery there just wasn’t time. Hopefully, that’ll change now that we’re moving on to November. Regardless, have a Happy Hallowe’en, Boils and Ghouls and as my treat to you, a wonderful set of ads that I’ve been sitting on for almost two whole years!

The Strange Door (1951) Universal International Pictures / P: Ted Richmond / D: Joseph Pevney / W: Jerry Sackheim, Robert Louis Stevenson (novel) / C: Irving Glassberg / E: Edward Curtiss / M: Joseph Gershenson / S: Charles Laughton, Boris Karloff, Sally Forrest, Richard Wyler, Alan Napier, Michael Pate

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