For the Love of Science-Fiction :: Prepare for an EXPERIENCE! From Limitless Space They’re Reaching for YOU! (November, 1953)


This post is part of the For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon hosted by Ferdy on Films, This Island Rod, and Wonders in the Dark. This year’s theme is science-fiction, and we’ll be leaning hard toward the “mad science” portion of the genre, here’s an exception. Hope you enjoy, and please click on the link above and donate to help restore the silent film, Cupid in Quarantine. The goal is to raise $10,000. Give what you can, won’t you? Thank you!


War of the Worlds (1953) Paramount Pictures / EP: Cecil B. DeMille / P: George Pal / AP: Frank Freeman Jr. / D: Byron Haskin / W: Barré Lyndon, H.G. Wells (novel) / C: George Barnes / E: Everett Douglas / M: Leith Stevens / S: Gene Barry, Ann Robinson, Les Tremayne, Robert Cornthwaite, Sandro Giglio, Cedric Hardwicke

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