The CinemaScope Blogathon :: The Savage Seven-Day Fight Acrosss the Blazing Frontier! Fury Without Limit! Valor Beyond Compare!(March, 1954)











The post is part of ClassicBecky’s Brain Food and Wide Screen World’s CinemaScope Blogathon. Be sure click on over and check out all the other wonderful entries. And be sure to check out all the other CinemaScope ads already posted with this handy linkage.

cinescope-blogathon_millionaireThe Command (1954) Warner Bros. / P: David Weisbart / D: David Butler / W: Samuel Fuller, Russell S. Hughes, James Warner Bellah (novel) / C: Wilfred M. Cline / E: Irene Morra / M: Dimitri Tiomkin / S: Guy Madison, Joan Weldon, James Whitmore, Harvey Lembeck, Ray Teal

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