Here Again! To Jolt You from Your Seats! (October, 1938)

Here, The Dead End Kids (later morphing into The Bowery Boys) make a move from Warner Bros. to Universal.

Little Tough Guy (1938) Universal Pictures / P: Ken Goldsmith / D: Harold Young / W: Gilson Brown, Brenda Weisberg / C: Elwood Bredell / E: Philip Cahn / M: Charles Henderson, Hans J. Salter, Frank Skinner / S: Robert Wilcox, Helen Parrish, Marjorie Main, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell

The Lady Objects (1938) Columbia Pictures Corporation / P: William Perlberg / D: Erle C. Kenton / W: Gladys Lehman, Charles Kenyon / C: Allen G. Siegler / E: Al Clark / M: Sidney Cutner / S: Gloria Stuart, Lanny Ross, Joan Marsh, Ann Doran

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