When the Toughest Get Tougher… (July, 1968)

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The Green Berets (1968) Batjac Productions :: Warner Brothers/Seven Arts / P: Michael Wayne / D: Ray Kellogg, John Wayne, Mervyn LeRoy / W: James Lee Barrett, Robin Moore (novel) / C: Winton C. Hoch / E: Otho Lovering / M: Miklós Rózsa / S: John Wayne, David Janssen, Jim Hutton,  Aldo Ray, Jack Soo, George Takei

2 Responses to “When the Toughest Get Tougher… (July, 1968)”

  1. Cmdr.Lou Says:

    Would anyone know where I could purchase there’s outstanding Ads?
    I’m a retired Green Beret,and collect posters, ads, daybills, pressbooks..

    Thank you

    • Howdy. I work for a newspaper and these digital images were taken with a camera from our morgue. They would probably all be included in you could find a pressbook or presskit for THE GREEN BERETS as all the admats here would be found amongst them. If all else, feel free to use these digital images however you want.

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