A Seething Cauldron of Intrigue, One Kiss and They Forget You. (April, 1931)


The Conquering Horde (1931) Paramount Pictures / D: Edward Sloman / W: Grover Jones, William Slavens McNutt, Emerson Hough (novel) / C: Archie Stout / E: Otho Lovering / M: Sigmund Krumgold / S: Richard Arlen, Fay Wray, Claude Gillingwater, Ian Maclaren, Frank Rice

Ten Cents a Dance (1931) Columbia Pictures Corporation / P: Harry Cohn, Frank Fouce / D: Lionel Barrymore / W: Dorothy Howell, Jo Swerling / C: Ernest Haller, Gilbert Warrenton / E: Arthur Huffsmith / M: Mischa Bakaleinikoff / S: Barbara Stanwyck, Ricardo Cortez, Monroe Owsley, Sally Blane, Blanche Friderici

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