Tortured Lost Souls, Burning Forever ! (March, 1976)

And here we have a limited roadshow engagement for some exploitation shocks and scares of a Higher order courtesy of bible-thumper extraordinaire, Estus W. Pirkle, and converted sleaze-merchant, Ron Ormand. Try a double-feature of this and the dynamic duo’s other Commie-bashing, convert-or-die screeds, If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? some time. It’s quite the trip.

The Burning Hell (1974) The Ormond Organization / P: Ron Ormond, June Carr-Ormond / D: Ron Ormond / W: Ron Ormond, Estus W. Pirkle / C: Ron Ormond, Tim Ormond / E: Ron Ormond, Tim Ormond / S: Estus W. Pirkle, Jimmy Robbins, Tim Ormond, Robert G. Lee, Jack Hyles, Bob Gray

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