Second Run Showcase :: Maisie’s Happiest Hit Plus Big Bonus Laugh Ration! (February, 1943)

Maisie Gets Her Man (1942) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) / P: J. Walter Ruben / D: Roy Del Ruth / W: Mary C. McCall Jr., Elizabeth Reinhardt, Ethel Hill / C: Harry Stradling Sr. / E: Fredrick Y. Smith / M: Lennie Hayton / S: Ann Sothern, Red Skelton, Leo Gorcey, Allen Jenkins, Donald Meek

Der Fuehrer’s Face (1942) Walt Disney Productions :: RKO Radio Pictures / P: Walt Disney / D: Jack Kinney / W: Joe Grant, Dick Huemer / M: Oliver Wallace / S: Clarence Nash, Billy Bletcher

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