Man Against Man, Man Against Beast! (July, 1956)


The Proud Ones (1956) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation / P: Robert L. Jacks / D: Robert D. Webb / W: Edmund H. North, Joseph Petracca, Verne Athanas (novel) / C: Lucien Ballard / E: Hugh S. Fowler / S: Robert Ryan, Virginia Mayo, Jeffrey Hunter, Walter Brennan, Arthur O’Connell

Manfish (1956) Planet Filmplays :: United Artists / P: W. Lee Wilder / D: W. Lee Wilder / W: Myles Wilder, Joel Murcott, Edgar Allan Poe (story) / C: Scotty Welbourne / E: Gerald Turney-Smith / M: Albert Elms / S: John Bromfield, Lon Chaney Jr., Victor Jory, Barbara Nichols, Tessa Prendergast

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