Drive-In Mash-Up :: Grisly! Gruesome! Ghastly! These Films Will Disgust and Repel Those Too Weak to Share a Living Nightmare of the Bizarre! (October, 1968)

Once more, your local censors at work on that first ad, removing the island beauties due to their *ahem* National Geographic-ness. Also, gotta love the dismemberment action in these ads. And with this entry, we officially wrap up Eddie Romero and Hemisphere Picture’s Blood Island Trilogy with the opening chapter of this nefarious, mad-science gone amok series born and executed in the jungles of the Philippines. And taking a chapter from his old pal Sam Sherman — of Independent International fame, aside from producing their own pictures, Hemisphere also imported whatever European schlock that managed to trickle through Hollywood without getting snatched up, including this Christopher Lee snoozer, who runs a knock-off Theatre du Grand-Guignol in Paris as a cover for his other hobby, which involves murdering people by draining out all of their blood. And, hey, lookitthat … We got a Jack H. Harris double-chaser on the weekend with Steve McQueen vs. a giant breast implant and a tropical island adventure with a construction crew, a caveman, and a clunky stop-motion brontosaurs and T-Rex.

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