The William Shatner Blogathon :: The Most Shocking Double-Date of Your Life! (September, 1978)


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Back in the 1970s, Joseph Brenner and his Associates had a hand in distributing a lot of exploitation gold with the likes of the Thunderball-Fisted Infra-Man, Argento’s ethereally beautiful Suspiria, and those kooky aqua-nazis in Shock Waves. Here, after the astronomical success of Saturday Night Fever, he bought and repackaged the Ernest Borgnine and William Shatner-fueled The Devil’s Rain, a trippy tale about a coven of the Cloven One’s worshipers, and shamelessly moved Travolta to the top of the bill even though his screen time is about, oh, I don’t know, four or five seconds tops. Beyond that, grab yourself a couple of hot dogs and settle in for a ghoulish quadruple feature that also includes a British import, one of Michael and Roberta Findley’s last co-productions (– as I’m fairly positive that’s supposed to be Shriek of the Mutilated), and topped off with Andy Milligan’s version of Sweeney Todd.
i.ashx - CopyWay back in June of 2010, the fine folk behind the magnificent She Blogged by Night held The Shatnerthon!, a tribute to the great William Tiberius Shatner. Scenes from the Morgue heeded the call and participated back then, and now, to celebrate Wild Bill’s birthday this weekend, it was high time we migrated those ads over to the new site plus a few more treats mixed in. Enjoy.


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