The Bongo Beat! And the Big Heat! Jet-Fueled! Rhythm-Wild! (September, 1957)







‘The Slick Chicks Who Fire Up the Big Wheels!’ Wow. Hard to believe but the were certain folks who believed that Rock ‘n’ Roll was a passing fad and Calypso music was forever. Weird, right?
Hot Rod Rumble (1957) Nacirema Productions :: Allied Artists / EP: David T. Yokozeki / P: Norman T. Herman / D: Leslie H. Martinson / W: Meyer Dolinsky / C: Lester Shorr / E: Richard C. Meyer / M: Alexander Courage / S: Leigh Snowden, Richard Hartunian, Wright King, Joey Forman, Brett Halsey

Calypso Joe (1957) Allied Artists / P: William F. Broidy / AP: Lonnie D’Orsa / D: Edward Dein / W: Edward Dein, Mildred Dein / C: Stuart Thompson / E: Thor L. Brooks / M: Richard Hazard, Herb Jeffries / S: Herb Jeffries, Angie Dickinson, Ed Kemmer, Laurie Mitchell, Claudia Drake

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