The Truth is Out There :: The Cryptic Cinema of Charles Sellier Jr.


Charles Selier Jr.
One of the quieter patron saints of schlock cinema, Charles E. Sellier Jr. was kinda of a throwback to the old barnstorming and roadshow days of Dwain Esper and Kroger Babb. Probably best known to the masses for the ruination of Christmas with his controversial but, in the end, harmless holiday slasher, Silent Night, Deadly Night, but we children of the 1970s remember him more for his rash of crypto-zoological, strange phenomenon, and eccentric historical docudramas, where Brad Crandall or Peter Graves would guide us on a tour of the inexplicably unexplained with the likes of Beyond and Back, The Mysterious Monsters, The Bermuda Triangle, In Search of Noah’s Ark and Hangar 18.



Back in the day, through his Sunn Classics productions, the producer would wrap a film and then hit the road and 4-Wall them around the country, where they would wind up at your local theater for one week, and one week only, maybe two. Yeah, to say Sellier Jr. was a bit obsessive on the mysterious and unexplained would be a bit of an understatement. He found a kindred spirit in director and scriptwriter Robert Guenette, who oversaw half of these films already mentioned and also guided The Unexplained: The UFO Connection and The Man Who Saw Tomorrow to the big screen. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore. *sigh* And so, please enjoy this tribute to the man and his movies.

Charles Sellier

Charles E. Sellier Jr.


2 Responses to “The Truth is Out There :: The Cryptic Cinema of Charles Sellier Jr.”

  1. Skidmarks McGee Says:

    Yeah, those films (to a monster kid) were the greatest. I really didn’t buy any of the hokum but, regardless, I went to ’em religiously. Good, simpler times….

  2. I just remember the trailers for his flicks and Charles B. Pierce’s giving me such a bad case of the drizzles. Embarrassing in hindsight, perhaps, but it be true.

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