Surging Spectacle and Savagery Overwhelms the Screen with Passion and Violence! (October, 1958)









Along with Hercules and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Attila was part of the first wave of imports that helped establish Joseph E. Levine and his Embassy Pictures from regional distributor to mini-movie mogul.

Attila (1954) Compagnie Cinématographique de France :: Lux Film :: Producciones Ponti-de Laurentiis :: Embassy Pictures / EP: Antonio Altoviti / P: Dino De Laurentiis, Carlo Ponti / D: Pietro Francisci / W: Ennio De Concini, Richard C. Sarafian, Primo Zeglio / C: Aldo Tonti / E: Leo Cattozzo, Helene Turner / M: Raoul Kraushaar, Enzo Masetti / S: Anthony Quinn, Sophia Loren, Henri Vidal, Claude Laydu, Irene Papas

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