Venue Spotlight :: The Capitol Theatre




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The Capitol Theater (1927-1986) was co-conspired and co-financed by local banker and department store entrepreneur, S.N. Wolbach, and Carl Laemmle, president of Universal Pictures (– not uncommon as most studios established chains around the country for their product), who brought in the world famous architect, John Eberson, to design the venue. (Eberson designed over 100 theaters nationwide.) By most accounts, the Capitol was Eberson on a micro-budget, but the interior was “an artistic blend of Italian Renaissance, Spanish and Moroccan designs.” The Capitol was designed to accommodate both films and live acts, with a stage, dressing rooms, an orchestra pit, and a Wurlitzer Organ (Opus 1591 style F 3M). With the main floor, balcony, and box-seating, total capacity was 1,130. There was some extensive remodeling in the 1950’s with a lobby overhaul and marquee redesign, along with the installation of the new, wider screen to accommodate the age of CinemaScope. Alas, the theater shuttered up in 1985 and became a parking lot in 1986.

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