Stalk ‘n’ SlashCinema :: Science Created Him. Now Chuck Norris Must Destroy Him. (April, 1982)













You all remember the movie where Chuck Norris fought an ersatz Michael Myers to stand-off, right? It’s true. (That opening sequence especially gives the game away.) Worth a spin alone for the dramatic death scene of Stephen Furst’s Deputy Derpy, which finally pushes Chuck over the edge to put this unstoppable killer down for good.
Silent Rage (1982) Topkick Productions :: Columbia Pictures / EP: Paul Lewis / P: Anthony B. Unger / AP: Aaron Norris, Andy Howard / D: Michael Miller / W: Joseph Fraley / C: Robert C. Jessup, Neil Roach / E: Richard C. Meyer / M: Peter Bernstein, Mark Goldenberg / S: Chuck Norris, Ron Silver, Stephen Furst, Steven Keats, Toni Kalem, William Finley

2 Responses to “Stalk ‘n’ SlashCinema :: Science Created Him. Now Chuck Norris Must Destroy Him. (April, 1982)”

  1. T.A. Gerolami Says:

    Let’s go see Silent Rage and then sneak into The Beast Within. God damn do I love Silent Rage; lucky enough to have seen it at a Chuck Marathon along with Invasion U.S.A, Code of Silence and Lone Wolf McQuade.

  2. J. Walter Puppybreath Says:

    Gotta love the ’80’s. Such a..uh..diverse selection of movies.

    “Hon, ‘Robin Hood’ is sold out”
    “Oh well, let’s see ‘Silent Rage’ “

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