Stalk ‘n’ SlashCinema :: Pray for Day! (September, 1981)









Having already survived the majority of Hell Week, four pledges have one more test to pass before getting initiated: they all must spend the night at the allegedly haunted Garth mansion, where old man Garth slaughtered his entire family — save for his youngest son, who, according to local lore, still roams the halls and gets a little cranky whenever trespassers come a’callin’. Now, I heartily concur with most assessments of Hell Night: a competent Stalk ‘n’ Slasher buoyed by a solid cast and some inspired set designs and cinematography. And on the surface it does remind one of an old Herman Cohen or William Castle fright flick mashed up with some modern day body count sensibilities. And even if it was, according to some sources, a no-frills quickie producer Yablans threw together to raise money for Halloween II, the film is an overall tasty treat that probably won’t bring you back for seconds but will definitely leave you satiated.
Hell Night (1981) BLT Productions :: Media Home Entertainment :: Compass International Pictures / EP: Chuck Russell, Joseph Wolf / P: Bruce Cohn Curtis, Mark L. Rosen, Irwin Yablans / D: Tom DeSimone / W: Randy Feldman / C: Mac Ahlberg / E: Anthony DiMarco / M: Dan Wyman / S: Linda Blair, Vincent Van Patten, Jenny Neumann, Peter Barton

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