Stalk ‘n’ SlashCinema :: Some May Pass the Test, God Help the Rest. (April, 1981)





WARNING: Don’t let the title fool ya. An odd mash-up of Death Wish and Simon: King of the Witches, with a bookend appearance by a duped Christopher Lee, The Meatcleaver Massacre is actually a retread from 1977, which, oddly enough, contains not one single meatcleaver. At all. A massacre, yes. Well, sort of. But not really. Definitely no meatcleaver, though. Nice. As for it’s co-feature, *pffft*. If memory serves, from when I watched it back in the halcyon days of VHS rentals, there’s a murder in the first five minutes, and then nothing, and I mean NOTHING happens until the last ten minutes, which, I recall, was pretty good. But not quite good enough, and so, to belabor the obvious, Final Exam fails on all fronts rather abysmally.
Final Exam (1981) Motion Picture Marketing (MPM) :: Peninsula Management Productions / EP: John L. Chambliss, Lon Kerr, Michael Mahern / P: Myron Meisel / AP: Carol Bahoric, Todd Durham / D: Jimmy Huston / W: Jimmy Huston / C: Darrell Cathcart / E: John A. O’Connor / M: Gary S. Scott / S: Cecile Bagdadi, Joel S. Rice, Ralph Brown, DeAnna Robbins, Sherry Willis-Burch, Timothy L. Raynor

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