Stalk ‘n’ SlashCinema :: Proto-Slashers :: A New Definition of TERROR! (May, 1972)







Probably the earliest screen iteration of a babysitter being terrorized by an escaped mental patient, Peter Collinson’s Fright has its moments but is often overlooked when digging into the fossil records of the Stalk ‘n’ Slash genre. The set-up is great, with the estranged father, Ian Bannen, stalking and taunting Susan George, but things kinda unravel as the film progresses until the climax that — well, it doesn’t really fall apart but it just kinda pops when you were kinda expecting a really big kaboom.

Fright (1971/1972) Fantale Films :: Allied Artists / P: Harry Fine, Michael Style / D: Peter Collinson / W: Tudor Gates / C: Ian Wilson / E: Raymond Poulton / M: Harry Robertson / S: Honor Blackman, Susan George, Ian Bannen, John Gregson, George Cole, Dennis Waterman


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