NOTE! Segregated Audiences Only! The New Hygiene Thunderbolt! To Miss It is a SIN! (February, 1948)


















“Nothing’s hopeless if it’s advertised right.”

                                               — Kroger Babb

Other Points of Interest:

For more on Kroger Babb, Elliot Forbes, Mom and Dad, and the history of Post-Word War II sex-ed exploitation movies and the death of the Hayes Code, click right here and head on over to the Brewery.

Mom and Dad (1945) Hygienic Films :: Hallmark Productions EP: Barney A. Sarecky / P: Kroger Babb, J.S. Jossey / AP: Lewis G. Dow / D: William Beaudine / W: Kroger Babb, Mildred Horn / C: Marcel Le Picard / E: Richard C. Currier, Lloyd Friedgen / M: Dave Torbett / S: June Carlson, Hardie Albright, George Eldredge, Lois Austin

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