Murder at 120mph! Savage Punks on A Weekend Binge! A Twin Rock’n Riot Show! (September, 1957)


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Other Points of Interest:

Poster campaign for Dragstrip Riot at the Archive.

Poster campaign for Cool and the Crazy at the Archive.

Dragstrip Riot (1958) Transworld Productions :: American International / EP: Jonathan Daniels, Victor Purcell / P: O’Dale Ireland / AP: Basil Bradbury / D: David Bradley / W: George Hodgins / C: Gil Warrenton / E: John A. Bushelman / S: Yvonne Lime, Gary Clarke, Connie Stevens, Bob Turnbull, Fay Wray

Cool and the Crazy (1958) Imperial Productions Inc. :: American International / P: Elmer C. Rhoden Jr. / D: William Witney / W: Richard C. Sarafian / C: Harry Birch / E: Helene Turner / S: Scott Marlowe, Richard Bakalyan, Gigi Perreau, Dickie Jones, Robert Hadden

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