A Daring and Provacatice Drama! (August, 1968)















Perhaps a little too deliberate in the metaphor department, Mark Rydell’s tale of a wily intruder disrupting the tranquility of the hen-house both literally and figuratively is absolutely mesmerizing to watch, with some amazing cinematography courtesy of William Fraker, until it kinda unravels in the third act. Regardless, I absolutely love the design on a couple of these ads. The optical illusion of the hill, melding into the hair of one of our ladies at first glance is an actual fox on the second and I can’t believe they got away with the subliminal vaginal fox tail in the other. Wow.

The Fox (1967) Motion Pictures International :: Claridge Pictures / EP: Steve Broidy / P: Raymond Stross / AP: Howard Koch / D: Mark Rydell / W: Lewis John Carlino, Howard Koch, D.H. Lawrence (novel) / C: William Fraker / E: Thomas Stanford / M: Lalo Schifrin / S: Sandy Dennis, Anne Heywood, Keir Dullea, Glynne Morris

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